Tuesday, April 14, 2009

To all those scammed by semiautoforex.com

I'm just another user who's been scammed by semiautoforex.com and I'm infuriated by the way they are handling things.

I urge everyone to contact Plimus for a refund. 

You should try and get a refund from semiautoforex.com but they will probably refer you to Plimus to request for a refund. But they also state repeatedly that their Terms and Conditions state that no refunds will be made. 

As consumers we've done all we could with the limited information we were presented and made a decision. Their marketing material failed to state that the system continually repaints itself and that the templates fail to account for any repaints painting only a best case scenario.  That said the system does not work as stated.

I have their information on hand and have saved a copy offline and dated for use should they try and change their information.

Please post here if you've been scammed. You can make a seperate post with your email address if you want me to contact you. 

Comments are moderated. I will edit out email addresses.

You can contact me at ryantan1980@gmail.com

Other "systems" they have been scamming people with are listed below

  • Forex Annihilation System
  • Forex Virtuoso System
  • Forex Hitman System

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